12 Things You Never Knew About Setting Up A Strong Password


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You and I know that passwords such as “12345“, “1dec1995“, “1121995“, “ilovedad“, “ilovemum” e.t.c, are the easiest password you could ever setup. If you are still stuck at using such old patterns of password then you are in for a serious hack in by password hackers.

There are surely very easy and reliable ways of setting up strong password, you have to be careful because one break in can cause a whole lot of damage. There are things you never knew about setting up a strong password for your online accounts and this post will reveal each and everyone one of them.


Here are 12 things you should consider, they will help you build a much more secure, stronger and reliable password.

How to Protect Your Password.

1. Memorize It

Do not write down your password, memorize it. In particular, don’t write it down and leave it anywhere.

2. Keep Safe

Do not place passwords in an unencrypted file or note!

3. Not For Public Use

Do not give or share your password, in particular to someone claiming to be from computer support or a vendor unless you are sure they are who they say they are.

4. Password Protection

Do not let anyone watch or spy you while you enter your password.

5. Untrusted PC

Do not enter your password on a computer you don’t trust.

6. Overusing Password Is Wrong

Do not over use a particular password over a long period of time, use the password for a limited time and ensure to change it periodically.

7. Distinguish All Passwords

Do not use related passwords for systems controlled by different organizations such as your facebook, twitter and instagram to share similar passwords.

8. Saving In An Unsafe Location

Do not save password in an unprotected directory, email, drive or file. None of those storage means are bigger and more secured than the head.

How To set Up A Strong Password

9. Don’t Use Dictionary Words

Do not use words that are in a dictionary, names, animals, friends or any personal information (for example, your birthday, favourite stuffs or phone number). Some people derives their passwords from phone numbers, birthdays and so on making it very easy to guess. Look at point two (2) on how a typical password should be.

10. Do Not Use Simple Patterns

Learn to always avoid simple patterns. Instead, use a password that consist of UPPER and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. eg “%ZyX10@ly“. People will really find this hard to guess, so follow this method. Just be a little more creative with this,  See example, coined this one from my name “fR@^K\iN“.

11. Do Not Use Short and Simple Passwords

Make certain that your password is at least eight characters long, if possible add more! Some logins requires you to enter a password about 8 characters long which is very acceptable, the longer the better. It becomes very difficult to guess passwords that are as long as a sentence. Eg, “iLove2Eat@lwa¥$“.

An 8-character password may be fine for a few days of protection, but a 12-character password is generally thought to be long enough to provide protection for a maximum of 90 days. A 15-character password is often considered good protection for up to a year.

12. Stay Away From Similar Passwords

Do not use new password that is similar to old, when you have chosen a new password, you have to make certain that it is not related to your old/previous passwords.

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In conclusion; Passwords can be uniquely protected and strong if you avoid all this “do not” points listed above, use a strong password that will make password hackers to hand you an accolade for being the most secured and inaccessible password ever. Funny right? Just make your password as strong as the samples highlighted in points 10 and 11.

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