Airtel 6GB for N1500 | Enjoy 6GB worth of data for just 1500 naira. For 30 days, usable on all device(Android, iOS, PC, Windows etc). See Airtel 6GB for 1500 subscription code below.
We’ve all been patiently waiting for an affordable tariff plan to rival the ever unstable cheap data plans on Glo network. There we go! Airtel has just done it!!! Airtel 6GB for N1500 is the latest inclusion from Airtel.
Airtel telecommunication network has the habit of tampering with her data tariff plans. in less than two months, there have been changes in their night plan… moving from unlimited hourly to limited hourly night plan.
This time, Airtel surprisingly tampered with their data plan today in what a call “unbelievable “. This morning a colleague of mine got a message as seen in the image below.
A message from BLACKBERRY saying…
 airtel 6gb for n1500
SPECiAL PRIVILEGE!! Enjoy 6GB worth of data for just N1500. Dial *440*161#. For 30 days, usable on all device.

Airtel 6GB For N1500

  • Subscription Code: *440*161#
  • Amount: N1500
  • Data size: 6GB
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Usable Device: Android, iOS, PC (MiFi, Modems), Windows, Java etc
This plan looks too good to be true, right? Anyway, I did my little research and here is what I found out.

Data Zapping

There was this plan we used before that gives 3GB worth of data on Airtel for N1500 (Subscription code is *440*16#), also usable on all but here is the problem » This plan zaps data, twice as much. Which means; 3GB is literally 1.5GB.
Why am I saying this? Airtel has had this new plan to entice us but I doubt if they are honest, the said data plan worth 6GB could be 3GB if properly studied via your data usage meter. This plan could be susceptible to data zapping.

Sim Eligibility

Secondly, this plan is only eligible to selected sim. Not everyone will get the chance to use this plan including me. The good news is, if you got the message, that means you’re eligible but if on a contrary; then dial *440*16# to know if your sim is eligible for this offer.
The line where I said this plan could zap data fast aren’t based on real findings, perhaps I could be wrong. Like I said, my sim isn’t eligible for this plan, so I want you to share your experience with us via the comment section.
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