MTN have far been the one of the most consistent and best mobile internet provider, but lately we are currently going through bad Network on MTN, they have climbed the ladder as they closely trail Glo as the most sluggish internet network at the moment. The question now is, what is wrong with MTN Network?


I noticed this last weekend, I subscribed to the wooweekend plan with the intention to watch my favourite team battle it out with Palermo directly on my mobile device (see how to watch soccer on Android here). Things however didn’t go as planned as MTN destroyed my day and mood!

Things went bad as the Network deteriorated even more by the day, perhaps, this is still happening as confirmed by NKHites. MTN should be fast to fix the network glitch as many users have their data wasted for no use.

Are you using MTN, how has the network been so far? Mine is nothing to write home about!