21 Things You Need To Stop Doing While Using The Phone And PC (Number 7 Could Lead To Death!)


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In the era of smartphones and PC, many of us including myself have developed bad habits deliberately and unconsciously, these habits could determine how we are quick to disregard people who matters so much in our lives. Some of these evil habits could go as far as taking one’s life if not stopped.

Here is a complete list of things you need to stop doing while using the phone and PC, you’d be surprise to see how much negatively you’ve been affected by these gadgets. The pointers will help you curb them if acknowledge and proper follow-up is given.


Simple Ways To Prevent Accidents

1. Do not use the phone while driving, it’s very wrong and could lead to fatal accidents. Instead use the wireless/hands free device by connecting with your car speakers. This could come in handy in saving lives.

2. Don’t ever place phone under your pillows while sleeping, it could heat up and eventually lead to fire.phone pillow

3. Always unplug phone chargers when battery is full. Some phones may flame up after battery might have gotten swollen by heat.

Tip 1: If you notice your phone getting unnecessarily hot, do this… remove battery if possible, kill running apps if possible or/and switch off phone if possible. Doing that little trick can go a long way in saving that device.

Tip 2: Get your PC to normal temperature when hot by working under a cool temperature, or positioning it close to a fan, or buy an external fan or a heat extractor when using a PC that always gets hot.

4. Do not damp clean with rags laptops finished with metallic bodies while plugged in. An electric shock can be imminent.

5. Put away phones and others gadgets that emits heat and electromagnetic wave from the body, did you know your mobile phones could lead to low sperm counts in men?

6. Be wary of accidentally leaving your phone’s camera lead light ON, prolonged use may lead to damage. In worse cases, a damaged camera could emanate from doing so.

7. Don’t ever walk along the roadsides or motorable streets with earphone plugged into your ears. Sound is very important when out there, who knows, someone could be trying pass some warnings or message on a stray driver approaching you. How you wan take hear with both ears blocked. If you really need to plug an earphone, then plug-in one ear!

8. Position your phone rightly when sliding into the pockets, doing this can go a long way in preventing a screen cracks.

9. Be proactive to know that water and electronic devices aren’t friends. Don’t ever put your phone or PC close to region where you’d find water or a wet environment.

Warning: Could lead to electric shock in PC.

10. Be very cautious when using mobile/PC chargers. Some chargers are not meant for your device, so choose chargers wisely. Misuse of this can damage your battery.

11. It’s time to stop using the phone while walking along roadsides, this is a must stop! Whatever it is you’re doing can wait until you get home or wherever you’re going.

Simple Ways To Show Courtesy

12. Don’t ever try to break-up with someone over text messages. Show some regard by doing it in a face 2 face contact.

13. In cases of a missed call, be quick to send a message to the recipient as soon as possible if you’re unable to call back.

14. Those of you that likes borrowing money on their Sims, learn to always pay back borrowed money as soon as possible no matter how little the amount is.

15. Turn down the volume of your device when watching a video, playing music or playing a game on your phone/PC in public places. Using earphones could just be more polite you know.

16. Don’t continue with the habit of pressing your phone or using headphones when someone is having a conversation with you. Unplug the headsets from your ears even if nothing is playing and give them your undivided attention.

17. When using someone else’s phone or computer, don’t go through their personal or private stuff without permission. (I really don’t like it, don’t know about you)

18. When having a two-person phone conversation with someone don’t always use speaker to have unless your hand are unable to hold the phone as at the time of calling or your call speaker is damaged. Headsets would have been just perfect as an alternative.

19. Do not deny people access to your phone openly when they ask you, it would have been more polite if you clearly lock certain apps you don’t want folks to have access to.

20. When someone with a lower battery % ask to borrow your device’s charger, check to be sure your device is at least charged to some extent then give without hesitation. Denying him/her access could just deteriorate the friendship sooner or later. Some people can so keep grudges!

21. You’re using an iPhone, Samsung S6 and more sophisticated device but can’t consistently subscribe to internet data yet you’re asking your friend that’s managing his Tecno or Infinix for Wi-Fi Hotspot. My friend, you better go sell the phone and buy what is doing you!

This is a never-ending compilations of things you should stop doing with your phone, some of these things could be hazardous while others can lead to people disregarding you for good. So if you really want to curb bad phone and PC habits, kindly deter from the following as quick as possible.

Feel free to add yours… at least, it’s just a simple way of showing courtesy for others to learn. Thanks for reading.

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