This post contains the customer care whatsapp numbers of all network | MTN whatsapp number, Glo whatsapp number, Airtel whatsapp number, Etisalat whatsapp number.

We are no longer in the era of delayed call, long wait before getting complains across to customer care unit. Whatsapp however, is the leading instant messaging client in the world and our network providers have used this as an avenue to solve customer’s queries quicker.

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Customer Care Whatsapp Numbers | MTN, Glo, Etisalat & Glo

Getting in touch with customer care unit of MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel only just get better, here are their whatsapp numbers below…



MTN whatsapp number

Here are MTN customer care whatsapp numbers below…

  • 09033000001,
  • 09033000002,
  • 09033000003,
  • 09033000004,
  • 09033000005

MTN customer care whatsapp numbers



  • You can contact MTN customer care through twitter @MTN180


Glo whatsapp number

Not available at the moment.


  • You can contact Glo customer care through twitter @GloCare


Airtel whatsapp number

Here are Airtel customer care whatsapp numbers below…

  • 07010000116,
  • 07010000117,
  • 07010000118,
  • 07010000119,
  • 07012631111


  • You can contact Airtel customer care through twitter @airtel _care


Etisalat whatsapp number

Not available at the moment.


  • You can contact Etisalat customer care through twitter @0809ja_support

Simply add up those numbers in your contact list, you can then communicate with them through whatsapp just like you message your normal contacts.  I hope you find this insightful, you can hit the share button to inform your friends on facebook, twitter, whatsapp and google.