Post contains reasons why you should downgrade Infinix Note 2 LTE XOS 2.0 to XUI V1.N.4.4 | Download Infinix Note 2 LTE XUI 1.N.4.4 ROM firmware/ROM.

When Android developers release OTA updates, users are too fast to upgrade from a previous ROM to a newer and more advance one. While many forgets to consider certain things before upgrading, just like I was quick to upgrade my Infinix note 2 LTE from XUI 1.N.4.4 to XOS 2.0 Chameleon.

Well, I have a few things you might want to read on my experience with the new Infinix ROM which made me downgrade Infinix Note 2 LTE XOS 2.0 to XUI 1.N.4.4.

Why you should downgrade Infinix Note 2 LTE XOS 2.0 to XUI V1.N.4.4

This is what I experienced while using the XOS 2.0 Chameleon ROM;

1. ROM gets full fast

This was the part the got me angry, when I was on XUI the phone’s 2GB was sufficient to hold more apps at once but after the upgrade, I noticed the ROM gets full fast and thereby slows down the phone.

2. Phone Hangs

No doubt, XOS was perfectly designed, unique, coupled with its acclaimed sleek usability. Story for the gods I would say, many of those features are readily available on XUI which makes XOS is nothing special. However, the phone does not only slack when it comes to ROM, what happens when a phone’s ROM gets full fast is; that phone hangs and at worse, reboots untimely!

3. Battery drains faster

Regardless of 4040mAh battery capacity embedded in the phone, I noticed difference in battery consumption. With XOS 2.0 Chameleon ROM, my Note 2 LTE battery drains quite faster than when I had version XUI 1.N.4.4.

4. Missing TWRP

After upgrading, I noticed I could not boot to recovery (Volume up + Power) which further lead to inability to rewrite/change IMEI on my Infinix Note 2 LTE using MTK Engineering Mode.

5. No 3-Finger Screenshot & Guest mode

I was amazed the XOS ROM does not come with a 3-finger swipe screenshot feature. The GUEST MODE is also missing, the guest mode that enables guest users the ability to temporarily access your phone, restricting you to certain applications. Perhaps, these features were available on the XUI ROM before the update.

Download Infinix Note 2 LTE XUI 1.N.4.4 ROM

To sum it all up:

XOS v2.0 ROM is just a product of hype, with the reasons listed above, I think sticking with XUI on your Infinix Note 2 LTE is better than upgrading it.  Just go ahead to downgrade Infinix Note 2 LTE XOS 2.0 to XUI V1.N.4.4 without doubt. hopefully, the updated versions of XOS fixes those bugs causing RAM consumption and battery drainage.