This post contains links to download Airtel VPN.apk on android for free browsing using Airtel | See how to setup Airtel free browsing via AirtelVPN.

Have you heard about AirtelVPN.apk application on android? It’s another application that enables you to enjoy free and unlimited browsing on Airtel network. You can download Airtel VPN.apk app and start surfing the internet for free on Airtel.

Before we proceed, I want you to understand that Airtel FBT works across all VPN app on android. This is just one more option to select from. Here’s how to set Airtel VPN for free browsing on android, follow tips below;

Download Airtel VPN.apk | Free Browsing On Airtel via AirtelVPN.apk On Android.

Step 1

Prepare your Airtel SIM, make sure there is no active data plan and airtime on it and set your phone’s APN settings to Airtel default APN.

  • APN:

Step 2

Download Airtel VPN.apk » Download Link

Step 3

Install and run Airtel VPN on your android (does not require root access and remember to switch on unknown install before you install)

Step 4

Choose your preferred location or leave as “Auto select location“.

Step 5

Click on Tweaks, then select “Airtel”.

Step 6

Tap on the ” BIG SHIELD ICON” to connect and start surfing (It will appear as seen in the picture above).

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