Download Psiphon.exe for Windows & Settings | This post contains a link to download Psiphon.exe and steps to set up Glo free browsing for PC/laptop.

Psiphon.exe file is the PC version of the popular Psiphon app on Android. People using android can testify that Glo has been browsing entirely free with ₦0.0k (zero Naira) on Andorid. Moreover, Tweakware also work in place of Psiphon.apk file on android.

Without saying too many words, Glo free browsing is blazing hot on PC with Psiphon (PC version) and I’ll put you through the steps and a link to download Psiphon.exe for PC.

Download Psiphon.exe For PC | Glo Free Browsing Settings For PC

Here is a simple and short process on how to use the Psiphon Glo ₦0.00 on your PC…

Follow steps below;

Step 1

Download psiphon.exe for PC » Click

Step 2

Insert the Glo SIM you want to use in a mobile phone and SMS the word “PAYU” to 127. (Make sure you get an activation/success message)

Step 3

After step 2, remove and insert your SIM in your modem. (I believe you’re not new to setting up modem for browsing.)

Step 4

Go to your modem APN settings, then use Glo default APN settings (don’t change anything)

  • Default APN: Gloflat or Glosecure

Step 5

Download Psiphon.exe for Windows

Now install and run the Psiphon3 PC you downloaded earlier. When it’s connected, open browser and start flexing.

Note: Don’t bother editing any field in the psiphon settings.

Bear in mind that, “Glo network speed is location dependent”, it boils down to the signal strength in your location to enjoy Glo 4G/3G broadband. Glo can be very slow sometimes, so just manage it. If you’re not satisfied with the Glo free browsing cheat on PC, do check out Glo Android subscription, they are cheap and stable.

If you experience difficulty setting this up, don’t hesitate to share your query using the comment box below.