This post contains links to download Stark VPN.apk V3.0 on android for free browsing using Etisalat Chatpak | See how to setup Etisalat Chat Pack free browsing via StarkVPN.

If you’ve not started using StarkVPN.apk v3.0 application on android?

Then you’re missing a lot.

Stark VPN is another application that enables you to enjoy free browsing on Glo & Etisalat network. The latest version of StarkVPN is now available on Google playstore. Download Stark VPN.apk V3.0 app (updated version) through the link below and start surfing the internet for free on Etisalat and Glo.

It should come to your notice that the recent update (StarkVPN.apk V3.0 Andorid app) now have Etisalat Chat Pack free browsing cheat available, with just a single click of a button, you can get things started with.

Download Stark VPN.apk V3.0 Etisalat free browsing Chatpak

Stark VPN is one more addition to the number of already existing VPN app to choose from. Here’s how to configure Stark VPN for Etisalat Chat Pack free browsing trick on android, follow settings below;

Download Stark VPN.apk V3.0 (Latest Version) + Etisalat Chat Pack Settings via StarkVPN.apk On Android.

Step 1

Migrate to Easy Cliq Prepaid tariff plan on Etisalat (Here’s the migration code *244*1#)

Step 2

Use this USSD Code *200*3*3*1*2*1# to subscribe for Etisalat Chat Pack. It costs ₦150 per week.

Step 3

Set your phone’s APN settings to…

Etisalat default APN

  • APN: etisalat

Step 4

Download Stark VPN.apk latest version »

Step 5

Install And Run Stark VPN on your android (does not need root access and remember to switch on unknown install before you install)

Step 6

Choose your preferred location or leave as “Auto select location“.

Step 7

Download Stark VPN.apk V3.0Click on Tweaks, then select “Etisalat ChatPak”.

Step 8

Tap on the ” BIG RED POWER ICON” to connect and start surfing. Connects in less than 5 seconds.

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