We all woke up this morning to receive the news of “1 month freezing of all confirmed marvos”. This is quite unfortunate but a necessary measure. However, this piece is my due research and opinion.

  • What does “freezing of unconfirmed marvos” mean?

It means you won’t be allowed to GH for the period stipulated. However we can still PH.
What is the implication of this?

It means that when we PH at this time we wont be merged because there will be no one Ghing. However, your will be credited with the resultant marvos of your PH. That is why you can see how much marvo you have but can’t GH it now.

  • Why the freezing?

The freezing is necessary for the sustainability of the system. In the previous meetings Mr Andrew say SUSTAINABILITY AND STABILITY of the system is the focus in 2017. So to meet these goals, it is pertinent that the system is protected.
It is a known fact that most participants PHed targeting the festive period to GH.

If we all GH heavily this festive season we wont meet an MMM that is paying us in 2017 because there will be more GH than PH as participants wont PH more this time (therefore pause mode will be activated).

Also, the issues of fake POP, delay in response from CRO and moratorium issue need time to be properly tackled. As all guiders know Mr Andrew said programmers are working to make these issues handled in 24hrs, which is good.

So Has MMM Really Crashed In Nigeria? READ VARIOUS OPINIONS…

1. Some people are of the opinion that we should have been informed but I say NO….
If we were informed the system will crash immediately because no matter how much Admin explains people will rush to GH and then stop PHing. This scenario will crash MMM this Dec.

2. Some people say Guiders should have been the ones alone to be frozen. While this is a very good idea, I still wont agree. The ratio of guiders to participant is 1:100. The number of guiders is less to the community. 1 guider manages a minimum of 10 people. The PH of these 10 people in most cases is more than what the guider will PH. In time of GH the system will pay the 10 DLs more than the guider.

Eg. To pay the guider the system will give him 30% of his marvos + 100% (referral bonus) = 130%

But if the system is to pay the DLs it will be 30% x 10 =300% Now which is bigger.

However, this might not be a perfect scenario but it will give us an insight into the issue at hand.
Also, there is no way participants should be frozen and then leave the guiders. No way!

3. Some people are of the opinion that it should have been next week.. I wont say I understand how you feel but this option is risky. If you look at the time frame of the freezing it about 2 weeks to the end of the year and 2 weeks to the beginning of next week. They are deliberately avoiding the rush hour GHing for the festive season and rush hour GHing from lack of money in January. So the time frame is to play safe.

4. Some people say now it is true MMM has gone on Holiday Pause Mode..This is not true. The rumour earlier about pause mode was talking about 24-26th December because of bank holidays. This is not a Holiday Pause Mode. So please lets stop that school of thought.

5. Some people are of the opinion that with this new measure a lot of people will not PH again.. Maybe and Maybe not. Have we ever thought why the additional 20% was given as bonus? It means whoever believe in this community even in this time will get 50% growth to His/Her PH. This also tells us that this plan has been there before now, it was not taken impromptu, it was carefully planned.
So I PH 1 million now by Jan 14 2017, I will GH 1.5million. That’s the plan.


  • Our most important responsibility is to avoid fear and kill panic. The more we fear the more the panic will rise.
  • Now is the time when our knowledge of MMM will be needed both guiders and participants alike.
  • Now is the time when negative publications should not move us no matter who is saying what or who is writing what.
  • Now is the time for guiders most especially to enlighten their DLs and attend to their fears.


We need to know that the media can’t break us if we have one voice. In journalism, we were taught that “bad news is good news so I am to certain that bloggers will feed on this quickly and with vigor. But we also need to stand with courage, resilience and believe that financial freedom is our end goal.

Also, I am not in anybody’s shoe to know how this will affect any one but I will only advocate that we be patient and see the end goal and not the now. MMM all the way.

This article was coined from the Guider’s meeting held yesterday in response to MMM crash scare by the media.

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