Psiphon is another strong VPN that enables you to bypass proxy just like simple server, below is a trick to browse unlimited on MTN & Etisalat via psiphon on android; this is an alternative for those that don’t have enough cash for proper subscription.

Psiphon is a tool that uses VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technology to help you with uncensored access to Internet, here is how to configure it below…

[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”40″]HOW TO BROWSE UNLIMITED ON ETISALAT VIA PSIPHON ON ANDROID[/su_heading]


Subscribe to the Etisalat Chat pack,

  • Weekly ChatPack » *200*3*3*1*2*1# @ N150 and its valid for 7days (Connection speed – Average, Browsing Experience – Good, Downloading – Average)
  • Weekly Chat Pack » *200*3*3*2*2*1# @ N300 and its valid for 7days (Connection Speed – Excellent, Browsing Experience – Excellent, Downloading – Excellent)
  • Monthly Chat Pack » *200*3*3*1*2*1# @ N500 and its valid for 1month (Connection speed – Average, Browsing Experience – Good, Downloading – Average)

Note: To deactivate this plan dial *343*5*0#

You can also use this Etisalat SocialMe plans…

  • Etisalat weekly Socialme » dial *343*5*6# @ N150
  • Etisalat monthly Socialme » dial *343*6*11# @ N200(currently unavailable)

Note: You must be on easycliq to use this plan. If not dial *244*1#to migrate. See details here on etisalat social pack.


1. Download and install Psiphon82Handler or Psiphon100Handler.apk files below.


2. Create New APN settings On Your Phone As shown…
  • APN: etisalat (save and set it as your default apn.)

3. Launch psiphon and configure it as shown below;


Note: It should connect automatically but if it doesn’t then tap on the “Start” button and wait a couple of seconds until the “white key” icon appears beside the “P” on your notification bar. It simply means connected!

UPDATE: Saturday, 26th September, 2015

Are you experiencing slow network speed on Psiphon using Etisalat, here are some alternative working IP addresses and PORTs you can use to make Psiphon faster.

  • IP: PORT: 8080
  • IP: PORT: 3128
  • IP: PORT: 3128
  • IP: PORT: 8080
  • IP: PORT: 8080
  • IP: PORT: 3128
  • IP: PORT: 8080
  • IP: PORT: 3128
  • IP: PORT:3128


[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”40″]HOW TO BROWSE ON MTN BIS VIA PSIPHON ON ANDROID[/su_heading]


Subscribe for the MTN BlackBerry plan for BlackBerry 10 “midi” (BBMIDID is recommended, though there are weekly “BBMIDIW” and monthly “BBMIDIM” plan),

Recharge your phone with N100 credit and then send “BBMIDID” to 21600 or dial *216*10#, after that a confirmation messgae will be sent to you.


Dont bother to configure anything, simply use & activate the original “MTN Access Point” as your default setting. If you don’t have settings… use the configuration as seen below.
  • APN:


Open the downloaded and installed Psiphon handler app and configure the handler as shown below instead of using the psiphon etisalat configuration above, kindly substitute the below for the settings seen in the pictures above.
Also see How to Browse Unlimited on MTN and Etisalat via Tweakware VPN, it doesn’t need too many setting up process, just install, subscribe and run. 
Remember that browsing could be slow when streaming or downloading on this app via etisalat, kindly bear with it and try to change IP and PORT someties, it should help improve it’s performance.
Enjoy this while it last, share us your experience via comment box. Anticipating your testimonies.