This post contains how to setup free browsing with Etisalat via Tweakware VPN V5.8 on android | See know-how settings for Etisalat free browsing cheat using Tweakware Remote Tweak.

Here is the latest VPN app, its called Tweakware VPN. This is the latest software to have joined the ranks of Simple Server, Psiphon and OpenVPN.

Although, Etisalat have provided cheap data plans to help you stay online on your favourite websites. Perhaps, some of you still desire the FBT on Etisalat.. *smiles

Well then,

Contained below is how to configure Tweakware VPN to browse with Etisalat Social pack and MTN bis Etisalat 0.0K on your Android device.

Click the expand link to learn more about Tweakware VPN before getting started.

First let’s understand everything about Tweakware VPN.

1. What is Tweakware VPN?

Tweakware VPN is an Android app that allows you to hide your real IP, gain access to restricted contents, multiple server location and unlimited bandwidth on all servers.

Youcan gain free internet access by using built-in proxy tweaks like reverse proxy, injection query, custom headers to bypass domain/ip based restrictions/billing.

2. Why should i use Tweakware VPN?

You should opt for Tweakware VPN beacuse, it gives you unlimited bandwidth on all servers and for the lovers of Etisalat social pack, you don’t have to worry about speed throttling when using Tweakware VPN unlike Psiphon.

3. What network can i use it on?

You can use it on any network but for now Tweakware VPN have preset Glo 0.0k, Etisalat 0.0k and Etisalat Social pack settings and there’re options for manually configuring it for other networks.

4. Do i need any special settings/configuration for Tweakware VPN?

Another interesting aspect of this app is that it doesn’t require cumbersome setup procedures unlike Psiphon handler and Simple Android Server. It has its vital settings already preset and only requires very little more modification. There is also an option for manual configs too.

5. Is Tweakware VPN available on PC?

Yes it is, but the mobile version seems to be Unlimited unlike the PC version which is in demo and you will need to upgrade your demo account to premium account to enjoy it’s full access and features.

6. Do i need to root my phone?

Tweakware VPN doesn’t need root authorization to work.

7. How many MB do i get on Tweakware free servers daily?

You are only entitled to 350MB per day on free servers, although you can get unlimited when you upgrade to premium servers.

8. How do i get started?

Follow the simple steps below to get started…


This post was updated on 30/Dec/2017.

Before you proceed just take note that Etislalat free browsing only gives you 60MB per day, so to get more you can either get more Etislalat SIM for browsing or just wait till the next day for another 60MB.


Use your Etisalat default APN settings

Or use

Apn: Etisalat
Port: 8080

Port: 8080


This post was updated on 30/Dec/2017.

1.Subscribe to Etisalat social pack by dialing *200*3*3*2*1*1# costs N100 or MTN BBLited plan *216*7# costs N70.

2. Download and Install Tweakware VPN.

3. Open the app then locate the option button at the top right corner (in three dots), open it.

4. Select settings then navigate to bundle settings. Tap to open bundle settings.

5. A popup should appear immediately after opening bundle settings, tick Use bundled settings and select Etislalat 0.0K

6. Go to Tweakware home, select free servers then click connect and then wait for it to show connected! (You’re only entitled to 250MB per day on free servers)

7. Minimize and enjoy unlimited surfing!!!


This is the latest free browsing cheat on Etisalat network. This free browsing trick was added here 14th March, 2017. And as the time of this publication, this cheat is confirmed working.

Like we all know Tweakware automates everything for us easily. All you need is to select the bundle you want to use and that’s it.

Here are the steps below:

Step 1

First, Download Tweakware VPN V5.8.apk

Step 2

After installing, go to Tweakware ‘SETTINGS’ and click on ‘REMOTE TWEAK’ to start the installation process.

Make sure you have a working internet connection. You can subscribe to any cheap data plan e.g 100MB etisalat data plan or connect to any wifi or use your existing data. 1MB is just enough

Step 3

After the installation process is finished, navigate back to the home screen and select the ‘REMOTE TWEAK’ option.

Step 4

Click on CONNECT button to start connecting Tweakware V5.8 and wait for it to get connected

That’s all…

For troubleshooting purposes


  • This Remote Tweak Is removed if you “force Close” the app or “exit” the app or reboot your phone. In that case you have to redo the above steps again to get the remote settings back.
  • If you get ERROR of “Remote Tweak Installation Failed” even when you have working internet data then it is possible that the remote tweak server is down. You can try again later or after a few hours.
  • You need a premium/upgrade account to use tweakware for android or you can use the free servers without upgrade/payment but you will be limited to 350mb per day on free servers. Upgrading to premium costs only ₦500 and gives access to all the servers without any daily limit.


If you’re experiencing bad or slow network on tweak, here is what you should do…

Method 1

Step 1

Open settings >> Network settings >> Connection settings >> Tick KeepAlive box

  • Keepalive Interval >> type 5
  • Keepalive Timeout >> choose 5

Step 2

Confirm default server and click connect. (After successfully authenticating, press back button and it will connect automatically)

Method 2

If you’re having problem connecting Tweakware VPN for the first time (keeps authenticating without connecting), then you will need to update Tweakware server list… Do this..

  • Make sure there is an active internet connection.
  • Launch Tweakware VPN.
  • Press & hold server list on the home screen to update server.
  • Select any available server on the list displayed.

Alternative method; This can also be done manually by having to alter the Proxy Host (IP) & Port via settings.. (use same Ip and Port as seen here). To do this Go to Settings >> Network settings >> Change Proxy Host (IP) and Port.

I hope it worked for you, use the comment box section if you experience any problem configuring Tweakware VPN on either MTN or Etisalat.