I wanted to start my own blog for years before I found the courage to do so, though still fresh in blogging, I’ve helped compile a list of factors to leverage on when choosing a perfect niche for your blog.

Back then when i use to be a teacher, i realized how important and passionate teaching was. I taught for many years until I came to realize learning isn’t just understanding one subject, it covers vast areas of emphasis. At the time I had no idea what blogging really was until I came across bloggers like Yomi, Makinde Azeez owners of Yomiprof.com and Naijaloaded.com respectively. They have served as a drive for me. They blogged with super passion, they made it sounded like the coolest thing ever! So the idea of starting my own blog came up, the passion i had for teaching inspired me a lot to create Naijaknowhow.com. The idea was to gather a team of professionals that will keep up with ‘how to guides’ on doing practically everything, something much similar to wikihow!

[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”40″]HOW TO CHOOSE A PERFECT NICHE FOR YOUR BLOG[/su_heading]

Running a blog with little or no engagement is super frustrating, imagine what happens when you have blogged for a duration of 5-7 months without any useful engagement by your readers. The only comments on your blog were made by your close relations and friends, this mainly because you have chosen to blog on the wrong niche.

Before choosing a blog niche, make sure its something you’ve got a burning desire for, make sure you have enough knowledge on what you want to start (expert) and how well you can relate with your blog audience.

If you want to start your own blog but aren’t sure why you should do it, here are some ideas to help you get started, the tips below should help you to choose a perfect niche for your blog.


Do you naturally post inspirational quotes and photos on your social media? Maybe inspiration is one of your gifts and you haven’t realized it yet. Inspiration is a wonderful reason to start your own blog because people need to know that they aren’t alone and often turn to others for encouragement to keep going. You can inspire others by your blog posts and sharing your journey in an honest way.

Solving Problems

Nigerians are solutions seekers, they search different places to seek solutions to their problems, now here’s the deal? If you have a solution, you should capitalize on the the fact that you can help them solve their problems easily. This is another niche creation idea you should want to lay your hands on, imagine the number on Nigerian searching for how to make money online easily, how to travel abroad, acquiring visa easily, relationship advice, how to start importation and exporting business, etc. Creating a blog around such niches won’t be a bad idea at all because monetizing such blogs can come in handy.