Am going to share with you how downloading movies with torrent works. Movie lovers am sure you’ve already sat up right cause am about to show you very information stuff today.

Did you know?
Torrents is one of the most popular ways to share music, movies, books, and pretty much anything you want on the Internet. Not only that but you can download endless streams of movies, seasons movies, games or whatever that has to do with download.

Remember, this content is only for informative purpose, I’m not responsible for anything you download.

Before I Begin, You’ll Need to Understand Some Basic Terminologies

A “seed ” or “seeder”
is someone sharing the file so that it can be downloaded. Basically, the more seeders a file has, the more users your computer can download pieces of the torrent from. More seeds, generally, means a faster download. It should be noted that torrents are not downloaded sequentially, the operation downloads any available pieces that make up an entire file. In other words, don’t stop downloading at 95% because you don’t care about the last 5 percent of the movie. It doesn’t work that way.

You, or anyone downloading a torrent, is a “ leech”. Leeches are also referred to as “peers”. If there are more leechers than seeders, then it could make for a slow download.

Magnet links
With magnet links, you’re going straight to the download location instead of downloading the “torrent”, which is saved separately as a file of information necessary to initiate the download. It’s like sending someone a link to this article rather than saving a file that directs them to the article.

How Do I Download With Torrent?

Step 1:
Go to The Pirate Bay (my favourite) or any other torrents websites.

The Pirate Bay, is one of the best torrent sites on the Internet. Contains virtually everything you looking for. In other words, it is Torrents Movies search engine. Just type and search for what you’re looking for to get started. Once it opens and that is exactly the torrent you want, check the comments section to review opinions of users already downloaded it.

Search Tips For Pirate Bay
• Putting an asterisk, or *, next to your search term will show results with variations of the word you searched.
• Using parentheses will prioritize whatever is outside of the parenthesis.
• Search according to the format you are looking for, there are a whole lot of formats, so stream line your search result by inputting a file format. For instance, Xmen can take the form of an e-book, movie, game, or a soundtrack.

Other Torrent Sites
Kickass Torrents , Torrentz , IsoHunt , and Extra Torrent.

Step 2:
Download a Torrents Client
What is a torrent client? They are torrent downloading clients that magnets torrent links and allows you to download torrent files.

Examples are µTorrent (favourite) others are qBittorrent, MediaGet , and Vuze, there are lots more.

How it works?
When you click a download link on a torrent site, a prompt will pop up asking if you want to launch the download in your torrent client. Once you agree, the torrent client will open a new window and your download will begin.
Torrent-downloading clients will show how much of your file has downloaded, provide a live reading of how many seeds and leeches a given file has, and show what files are being downloaded from any torrent. If you’re downloading a movie and you see that a .exe or .com file is download, you’re probably downloading a virus. In that case, stop the download immediately and delete whatever torrent and associated files that you downloaded.

Step 3:
Remember the keyword “torrent” according to the English dictionary it means “A large amount or stream of something “. So be ready for ride! While you are watching and waiting for your downloads, relax yourself and take a bottle of “shared coke with me” to keep your self busy.

I know you have some other torrents site you download from, kindly tell us using the comments box for others to know.

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