This is another trick to generate data for free without paying a dime on MTN, the 2go 3gb + 60mb data have been up for a while and i can assure you its still blazing hot. It only takes you time and patience to Get free MTN 2Go 3GB data via Imei tweaking on your MTK android device.

There is nothing difficult in IMEI tweaking/changing, it only requires you to change your MTK Android IMEI using either MTK Engineering or Mobile uncle tool to any IMEI of your choice. This process means you have simply changed your phone from what it use to be to something else, i.e Android device >> Blackberry device. Any device’s IMEI can be flashed into your existing MTK phone using either of the tools mentioned above. See more insight about IMEI changing here or click to watch my video tutorial on IMEI changing.

[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”40″]HOW TO GET FREE MTN 2GO 3GB DATA VIA IMEI TWEAKING[/su_heading]


  1. Rooted Android device (see rooting guide here)
  2. MTK Engineering Mode or Mobile Uncle Tool


  1. Tweak this IMEI in your MTK Android device 864981012890700
  2. After tweaking, confirm IMEI has been changed, using this *#06# to verify…
  3. Then, Go to your message type and send “lyte” to 131.
  4. Immediately after doing step 1-3, you will get 60MB in the confirmation message that will be sent to you.
  5. Dial *559*6# to check your free MTN 2go 3GB data and to check your 60MB dial *123*3*4#

NOTE: Your accumulated data will be 60mb + 3gb free data, hence take note that the 60mb data works without any third party VPN app while your 3gb 2go data can only be used with apps such as Simple server or Psiphon.

[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”40″]HOW TO POWER THE FREE MTN 2GO 3GB DATA WITH SIMPLE SERVER ON PC[/su_heading]

1. Download Simple Server for PC

  •  Download Link (Add the settings below manually using .INI file contained in your SS zip)

2. Insert and set APN  on your modem to…

  • APN:

3. Configure your browser (Opera, Mozilla, Chrome etc)

  • IP :
  • PORT : 8080

4. After everything is well setup, connect and remember to share to your friends too.

[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”40″]HOW TO POWER THE FREE 2GO 3GB WITH SIMPLE SERVER ON ANDROID PHONE [/su_heading]

1. Download and install Simple Android Server 2.0

2. Configure the settings in simple server exactly as highlighted below :

3. Go to phone settings, navigate to mobile network then create a new APN  on your Android device with..

  • NAME: mtn ss
  • APN:
  • APN TYPE: default,sulp
  • IP :
  • PORT : 8080

After configuration, connect your simple android server 2.0 by clicking on start.

NOTE: If you have rooted your device, Go to playstore >> Search, Download and install Autoproxy lite on your device. This will further enable you to bypass proxy so as to power some other stubborn apps simple android server could not bypass.


  1. Set proxy to and port 8080.
  2. Hit the connect button after setting up, Enjoy!!!

There are a couple of Android IMEI trick i’ve put up in this article here, so this isn’t new but nothing really last forever so enjoy while it last and remember to hit the share button.