Questions have flown in from different angles on how one can make money online in Nigeria so I took my time to compile the different ways you can earn tangible amount of Naira online. Before embarking on the adventure of earning money online I want you to understand that there is no shortcut to making money online, it requires hard work, consistency, cash, planning and of course “prayers”.

Internet business is not a get rich quick thing; it requires all the attention and efforts similar to the one you will give an offline business. Don’t let anyone fool or lure you to buying e-books with the fallacies of revealing to you the secrets of getting rich or making millions within seconds etc.,

Enough said, below contains real and legitimate ways of earning reasonable amount of money online in Nigeria.

NB: The content you’re about to read contains more than 1800 words, so be ready for a serious ride because it’s not for the weak hearted.



Am bringing this first because the blogging business is growing rapidly and sure you can see how many blogs we have lately. Blogging as an online money making medium can bring you unbelievable wealth. A blog, just like this one you are reading from, allow users to reflect, share opinions and discuss on various topics. Read article on how to choose a perfect niche for your blog. Many have taken to blogging even though not all of them are truly earning much because most bloggers have taken to plagiarism (the act of copy and pasting articles). Read article to get detailed insight on how to really make money blogging in Nigeria.


What is affiliate marketing? This is a form of online business that allows you to earn money referring buyers to buy products sold by any e-commerce company you’re in affiliation with. How online affiliate marketing works is; when you’re in partner with any company (sell products/services online e.g konga, jumia, dealdey, hostgator etc), commission gets to you when a customer you refer via affiliate link ends up purchasing a product from the company in question.

For instance; a product worth 100k has an affiliate commission of 10%. It simply means you will get 10k on every person you refer on this product. Now imagine you referred 10 persons; that is simply 100k in your pocket.

That’s practically how affiliate marketing works. Click for more insight on how to make money via online affiliate marketing in Nigeria.


Online b£tting in Nigeria is popular among football lovers and it’s definitely not going to be unlisted so you shouldn’t be surprised this is actually listed among the possible ways of earning money online. Some people see this as g@mbling but I must be honest with you, smart people have taken this opportunity to make a lot of cash. Not talking too much about this, sport b£tting is definitely a sure means of making money online if you know how to place b£ts smartly.


E-Commerce business has grown lately in Nigeria; why not take up the opportunity of the growing trend of online mart/stores. This is also an avenue where one can create an online platform to showcase his/her goods to potential online customers. Products you can sell depend solely on you… Jumia, Konga, Dealdey and more are a few samples of existing e-commerce enterprise in Nigeria. There is huge opportunity for you to start your own e-commerce business here in Nigeria.