With the increase in the usage of Android, iPhone and Windows smart devices , a lot of users have complained about these particular types of phones being susceptible to crack or shatters on fall. As a matter of fact, some users have refused to give up their old brand and follow the trend in mobile phones due to this awful factor.

There is this popular quote that claims, “Prevention is better than cure”, yes truly prevention is better than repair, correction or fixes. However, this post contains simple and useful NKH precautionary measures on how to prevent cracks on smartphone screens.Prevent cracks on smartphone screen

Some of you will be like, “what’s this dude saying, is he above mistake?” My friend, am not! Between, my smart phone have fallen uncountable number of times but I’ve been a bit lucky probably because I’ve followed one or more precautionary steps am about to tell you below…

[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”40″]HOW TO PREVENT CRACKS ON SMARTPHONE SCREENS[/su_heading]

1. Proactiveness

What does it means to be proactive? This is a situation  whereby one acts in advance to deal with an expected problem or difficulty.
With this traits buried in you, one can predict, forecast or anticipate an event that may occur before the deed is done.

For instance; if you have you phone placed close to the edge of a table, your proactive mind should tell you to move the phone away from there or move it closer to the centre, this is because when the phone rings with its vibration on! It will likely vibrate until it falls off the table.

All you need to do is, build a mindset that can predict when to prevent any damage from happening to your smart device. This is one of my stronger traits, it has really helped me to avoid cracking or shattering my phone.