Before You Update Your Device, See How To Prevent Simple Problems On Android Marshmallow 6.0


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Android Marshmallow updates have been dished out on a couple of Android devices recently, some must have quickly updated theirs while a couple of others like me are still waiting to get these update!

Here is a list of devices that might have gotten this update, but the sole reason for this post is to tackle problems emanating from changing your device to marshmallow Android 6.0!


This problems has been sent in from some of our Infinix Hot 2 users. After getting an update, see below some of the problems to expect on this device and how we recommend you prevent/solve it.


This is an important aspect of your Android device, as an MTK Android device you should be able to tweak your Android imei to enjoy Glo bis on it. However, with this updates a lot of users of the said device cannot tweak its IMEI. In fact, they can’t find the space to type all the required code in the MTK engineering.

Precautionary Solution

We recommend you stick with the old Android versions for now until there is a solution to tweaking IMEI on Marshmallow 6.0, they say prevention is better than cure!

Aftermath Solutions

1. If updated, we recommend you navigate to your settings, change APN settings from default to, test browse to know if it worked if not use the method below…

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2. Secondly, if the above didn’t work, you will need to downgrade your device by flashing back the old ROM to your device, but this process will require rooting your device. So if you are new to flashing ROMs, Kindly specify via comment section below.


This is a problem caused by some of us, I personally save contacts on my Google accounts which I find effective even when I misplace my phone. As a result of this update you might as well lose contacts saved directly on your phone.

Precautionary Solution

We recommend that before you update your device, make sure you have backup your phone contacts on sim or SD card. This process will definitely erase all phone contacts so do this before updating.

Aftermath Solution

We recommend you navigate to phone contact then re-copy sim contacts back to phone or worst case > factory reset your device.

Advice; Always save your contacts on your Google account instead of sim/phone. This is simply good in very critical cases of lost phone. You can login your Google account on any Android phone then, you can always recover all your contacts back.


A user also complained about losing some important documents,music and pictures after doing this update. This is what you get if you cant follow the precautions below!

Precautionary Solution

We recommend you remove your SD card before updating, another is. If you have most of your files saved on your phone’s storage, Kindly move your files to an external storage such as backing up on an SD card, PC or flash!

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Aftermath solution

We recommend you download and install Xplore or ESfile explorer to access hidden files on your device.

I hope I’ve been able to iron some of the problems and its possible precautionary solutions, we’d entertain more problems.. Kindly state them using the comment section below, let us know your experiences after the recent updates on your devices.

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