This is a very important leap in Nigeria as the officers of the NPF have been stopped from illegal checking of mobile phones of Nigrian citizens by the Inspector-general of police, Solomon Arase. Contained in this write up is a procedure on how to report illegal checking of phones by Police in Nigeria.

In a circular issued by the IGP on January 4, the IGP mandated the police officers to protect right of private and families. Thereby, mandating them not to search through their phones illegally.

This is goodnews for all of us, cause I can’t imagine how embarrassing it is to search through ones device without the right search warrant. We have to wake up, know our rights as a Nigerian and don’t give anyone the power to disrespect your human right. Some will even go to the length of asking you how much is the phone, where is it’s receipt, who bought the phone for you, bla bla bla!

To Report Illegal Search Incidence

Should in case any officer of the Nigerian Police Force illegally searches through your phone kindly tweet @PoliceNG_CRU