This article contains how to root Infinix Note 3 & Note 3 LTE (X601), simple steps on how to Port TWRP Recovery Image on Infinix Note 3 and how to change Infinix Note 3 IMEI easily. 

Have you’ve been looking for a simple DIY procedure on how to root Infinix Note 3 & Note 3 LTE, Port TWRP Recovery Image and change Note 3 IMEI? The answer you’re searching for is here, continue reading to understand how to easily root and change IMEI of your Infinix Note 3.

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To root your Infinix Note 3 & Note 3 LTE Android phone, here are the two steps you should note…

  1. Download & Flash TWRP via SP Flashtool into your Infinix Note 3 or Note 3 Pro.
  2. Download & Flash to root Infinix Note 3 X601 & Note 3 LTE via TWRP.

Requirements & Download files (for TWRP Recovery Porting)

  1. Download Infinix Note 3 TWRP Recovery or Infinix Note 3 Pro TWRP Recovery.
  2. Download SP Flash Tool | Download link
  3. Download and Install Vcom Drivers | Details here
  4. PC/Laptop
  5. USB Cable.

Now let’s get started…

How To Root Infinix Note 3 & Note 3 Pro LTE (X601)

Step 1

First, you should flash or port TWRP Recovery image on your Infinix Note 3 or Note 3 Pro using SP Flashtool on PC. (Download TWRP recovery image file above and follow this step here to flash it)

Step 2

Download SuperSU for Infinix Note 3 | Download link

Step 3

Locate and copy file to the root folder of your SD card. (If you don’t have an SD card, copy to root folder of your phone storage)

Step 4

Boot your phone to recovery (See how to boot to recovery here)

Step 5

After you must have booted to recovery, goto “install zip from SD card”, then use the volume button to navigate to saved on your SD card.

Step 6

Click on, then wait for it to install.

Step 7

Reboot your device and enjoy your rooted Infinix Note 3 X601 and Note 3 LTE Android device.

How To Change IMEI Of Infinix Note 3 & Note 3 LTE

Am sure you must have successfully rooted your Infinix Note 3 by now, i can’t tell why you’ve intended to root your device but, what I know some might be rooting because they want to be able chance their Marshmallow IMEI easily. If that’s the case, I’ll show you how to do it…

I believe you must have successfully rooted your Infinix Note 3 and probably changed its IMEI, if you experience a problem rooting it or tweaking IMEI, do share below using the comment box. Thank-you!