How To Speed Up Charging On Your Device


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Charging could be really annoying sometimes, it totally costs you nothing to speed up charging on your phone or other device but a lot of you ignores tiny details about your batteries and chargers that later cost you your device.

Lets talk about how to speed up charging even when you’re using a fast or slow phone charger. Have you ever notice the slow pace at which some chargers charge your phone? I had scenarios where I’ve charged a 2500mAh battery for more than 4 hours without hitting 100%, i’ve got to share how i overcame this particular situation using some simple tricks.


Whether you’re using a fast or slow charger, here are tips that will help you speed up charging to reduce the time you wait for your device to get full at 100%.


USB cables have been known to differ in transmission power. Due to this fact, you are advised to use a recommended USB cable to trigger fast and safe charging on your device.


If you really want your device hurriedly charged up then inserting your cable into a computer or laptop’s USB port is a bad idea. Though power output differs on different ports, some offer as low as 0.5A while the newer ports offers as high as 3.0A. I believe you know what those ratings are now, so look out for a higher output port to trigger fast charging on USB ports.


If you intend to speed up charging, then this is surely my favourite and most preferred method of charging batteries. Original or what we know as “follow come chargers” are bound to charge phone very well, fast and durable to last you long enough.


Switching your phone to airplane mode before charging will help to boost charging, airplane mode will kill all running processes on your phone making it run with little or no processes working. This will trigger fast charging, also a recommended way to charge your phone fast.


You should notice that Android phones have become much more smarter, the Android Marshmallow and Lollipop OS have built in Ultra power features that enables you to better optimize your battery when your device is as low as 10%. Switching your phone to Ultra mode will enable it charge 2x faster than normal.


There are other methods such as switching off mobile network, switching off GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, disabling sync, kill running apps, switch off phone and using apps that will optimize battery usage and charging. Such apps are Clean Master, Du Battery Saver and so on! Visit Google play store to download apps.

See how to control hotness in Android phones.

Don’t forget there are lots of external power sources with different capacities for backups, power banks, wireless chargers, solar chargers and so on.

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In Conclusion: Now that you know that a good charger is the base for a durable battery, follow all the tips above if you intend to super speed up charging on your device and remember to avoid the using of fake chargers cause they have the tendency to damage your battery life and warranty.

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