Charging could be really annoying sometimes, it totally costs you nothing to speed up charging on your phone or other device but a lot of you ignores tiny details about your batteries and chargers that later cost you your device.

Lets talk about how to speed up charging even when you’re using a fast or slow phone charger. Have you ever notice the slow pace at which some chargers charge your phone? I had scenarios where I’ve charged a 2500mAh battery for more than 4 hours without hitting 100%, i’ve got to share how i overcame this particular situation using some simple tricks.

[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”40″]HOW TO SPEED UP CHARGING ON YOUR PHONE[/su_heading]

Whether you’re using a fast or slow charger, here are tips that will help you speed up charging to reduce the time you wait for your device to get full at 100%.


USB cables have been known to differ in transmission power. Due to this fact, you are advised to use a recommended USB cable to trigger fast and safe charging on your device.


If you really want your device hurriedly charged up then inserting your cable into a computer or laptop’s USB port is a bad idea. Though power output differs on different ports, some offer as low as 0.5A while the newer ports offers as high as 3.0A. I believe you know what those ratings are now, so look out for a higher output port to trigger fast charging on USB ports.