The world is in an era of smart phones, both android and iOS have seen their markets grown rapidly. These two phones have topped the most used phones comparably but the open nature of android phones make it supersede the iOS.

A note: This post isn’t meant to take a troll on the iPhone; it’s just an advice for those intending to buy an android phone in the future and remember to also keep the troll minimal in the comment box below.


7. Alternate Keyboards

The android phone have got lots of alternative keyboards, you can easily swap between different keyboard on your android device. You can access them all from google play store and some other stores such as mobogenie and the likes. The iPhone has other keyboards, but they’re usually separate apps that require you to import text to another program—it’s just the kind of system-level functionality that’s hard to get around.

6. Installing Custom Home Launchers

While iPhone device users can customize their home screen quite a bit if they’ve jailbroken, they don’t  support the different kinds and customized launchers which the android pose. There are a whole lot of launchers one can use on an android phone that enables you to use it to your satisfaction, swiping, gestures and widgets are all embedded in these launchers.