Know the Top 7 Android Features that the iPhone Doesn’t Have


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The world is in an era of smart phones, both android and iOS have seen their markets grown rapidly. These two phones have topped the most used phones comparably but the open nature of android phones make it supersede the iOS.

A note:¬†This post isn’t meant to take a¬†troll on the iPhone; it’s just an advice for those intending to buy an android phone in the future and remember to also keep the troll minimal in the comment box below.


7. Alternate Keyboards

The android phone have got lots of alternative keyboards, you can easily swap between different keyboard on your android device. You can access them all from google play store and some other stores such as mobogenie and the likes.¬†The iPhone has other keyboards, but they’re usually separate apps that require you to import text to another program‚ÄĒit’s just the kind of system-level functionality that’s hard to get around.

6. Installing Custom Home Launchers

While iPhone device users¬†can customize their home screen quite a bit if they’ve jailbroken, they don’t ¬†support the different kinds and customized launchers which the android pose.¬†There are a whole lot of launchers one can use on an android phone that enables you to use it to your satisfaction, swiping, gestures and widgets are all embedded in these launchers.

5. Widgets Features

regardless of the fact that they occupy useful space on your phone, its no lie that widgets are important to Android users. In fact, widgets enables you to personalize your phone to suit your standards. Such widgets are, music, weather, facebook, twitter and lots more.

4. Removable Storage and Battery

Android devices have ability to take out, swap, and upgrade your battery and SD card whereas If you have maxed out the storage on your iPhone, you’re pretty much out of luck, with an Android phone you can always insert a new SD card and have gigabytes more storage to play with when you’ve got low memory space left. Similarly,¬†batteries can also be changed, removed and replaced when faulty or probably low in power.

3. Installing Custom ROMs

One of the coolest parts about the entire OS being open source is that people can take it, tweak it all over, and install their version instead of the one that comes with your phone,¬†there’s little limit to how much you can tweak your Android experience. Whether it’s tweaks that¬†speeds up your phone¬†or features like FM radio, boot animator, interface or others; custom ROMs are without a doubt one of the biggest feature that makes Android devices better than the iphone iOS.¬†Its a feature that should allow you to insert a Samsung¬†custom ROM and tweak into a Tecno device.

2. You can control Your Phone From Your Computer

There very few apps that enables you to control your android phone right from you PC. whether you just want to send an sms from google chrome or you want to control what app you install and uninstall. All this would be achieved without stress. there are very few apps that should do this effectively.¬†Yes,¬†you can VNC into your iPhone, but it’s not the same as using a separate app that accesses its basic functions.

1. Flash player

Having Flash installed on your phone and tablet let you gain access to whole lot of feature while browsing on your android device ranging from playing games on the web, accessing flash websites and sometimes watching videos. We may grimace when we hear its name, but it’s too prevalent to go without. It just feels like you don’t have the whole web at your fingertips.

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There are many more features that distinguish your Android device over iOS. Use the comment box to add yours if you’ve actually noticed the great advantage of using an Android phone.

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