Hello there, happy new month, happy weekend and happy Independence day to you all. Am here again to share the cheapest data plan for Android, PC, iOS, windows and more for the month of October.

Happy independence day in Nigeria

It’s a standard procedure here on NaijaKnowHow to share the best internet plans at the dawn of every new month, this contents is aimed at helping you choose the right plan for your device, not just right but also perfect.

Cheapest Data Plan For Android, PC, iOS etc | October 2016

Airtel data plans


I will start off with Airtel, here are the best data plan on Airtel,

1. Airtel 3GB Blackberry Plan On Android

MTK Android users have always been the better side of Android usage in Nigeria, why? Thus is because MTK Android phones can be easily tweaked, unlike the Samsung’s, LG and the likes, this plan gives you leverage to use a whopping 3GB for N1000 on IMEI tweaked Android phones. Click here to get started.

2. N25 500MB Night Plan

This is a perfect plan to relieve the pressure on your regular plan, this night plan is suitable for anyone using SmartTRYBE prepaid plan on Airtel. You can get 500MB for N25, isn’t that cheap? Also, you can get 1.5Gb for N200 on the same package. Works well on all device. Click here to get started.

3. Airtel 2G Plan

Don’t forget that there is still Airtel 2G plan, this one is suitable for people who wants to browse with certain basic apps. This plan isn’t the fastest of internet plans but a “slow and steady” kinda thing. Works basically on 2G broadband, gives you a whopping data of 2GB for N200 & more. Click here to get started.

4. Airtel 6GB for N1500

I don’t want to add this plan because of certain reasons I shared here, but i just have to. This plan is purported to give you 6GB with only N1500, it works perfectly on all device. But be sure to have read what I’ve shared before subscribing to this plan. You may click here to get started.