After years of ups and downs, up and front, under and on top…smiles, we are here. “NAIJAKNOWHOW” is the name, all started this day two years ago, we’re waxing stronger and with lots of wonderful and vibrant NKH folks,  100% of my appreciation goes to you, without you guys, we wouldn’t have gotten where we are today.

Hurray, is 2 today!!!!

It surprising how time fly, it was this day in 2015 i started NKH – from passion to a hobby and finally it became a job, all I wanted to do was to teach people a few basic tech know-hows. I’ve met a few wonderful people in here, site visitors who are no longer visitors but friends, we have been able to form a very strong connection with our visitors (see some awesome messages in the screenshot shared below). If you’re not among the NKH family, then you’re missing a lot!!!

2 Years | 24 Months | 104 Weeks | 730 Days | 17531 Hours | 1051898 Minutes  | 63113880 Seconds | 1M+ Amazing Visitors

The last three-sixty-five (365) days was full of crazy events. Especially in May 2016 when we lost all the files (articles, media files, videos and lots more) after our then hosting company packed up. Not saying much about for it’s an event I don’t want to remember.

We quickly started working on the blog, reposting/republishing old articles to make sure the links(slugs) are similar with the former – for SEO reasons.

Well, long  story short, we started all over and since then… We’ve gradually climbed back to where we belonged.

Not just that hateful event, sometimes in June, we had our Adsense account disabled for invalid clicks, also, i’m not going to say to much about this too.

NAIJAKNOWHOW.COM.NG came alive sometime in August 2016, this is another blog on our network, though similar but it’s online and generating traffic of its own. It’s not linked to the parent blog ( and was intended to stand on its own due to technical reasons… with perseverance, consistency and hardwork, we’ve been able to take it to the top as well. Traffic Stats from September 2016 - February 2017 Traffic Stats from September 2016 – February 2017

Here’s the stat on our growth, no words of mouth!

In conclusion, all these wouldn’t have been possible without visitors. It’s crazy how the internet can bring people from different countries, background, language and skin colours together. Those are a few screenshots above – to show you how important these unique visitors are to NKH.

I’m going to stop writing right here, visit THIS LINK to get a token of our appreciation and love!

Looking forward to another 365 days with you!