Anyone noticed the Airtel Night Plans, there have been some modifications today and these brand new adjustment doesn’t seem to go down well with me.

Without fear, conscience and concern, Airtel have chosen to follow the footsteps of MTN night packages, thereby, making it extremely difficult for us to source for alternative for unlimited download.

This is indeed a great deal because Airtel have truly added to the few economic problems we’ve been going through in Nigeria lately.

What’s all this story sef???

No more Airtel unlimited hourly night plan, yes NO MORE!!!

Like I said, Airtel has followed MTN in reducing its night plan to ₦25 & ₦50 (₦200) respectively. No more 1hr for N100 and 2hrs for ₦200 that allows you to browse & download unlimitedly.


The Airtel night plans now comes in two different packages…

new airtel night plans

How to subscribe for Airtel Night Browsing (1.5GB & 500MB)

  • ₦25 For 500MB | 12am – 5am
  • ₦200 For 1.5GB | 12am – 5am (updated)
  • To subscribe; Dial *312# » type 3 » choose plan.

This plan can be renewed if exhausted, it means, you can resub after using up the first 1.5GB. In essence, you can use 3GB for N100 in just one night.

Take Note: This plan is exclusively for SmartTRYBE users on Airtel. To join, dial *312# and follow the prompt thereafter.

It also appeared the weekend plans was also altered on Trybe prepaid users.. It’s now ₦200 for 250MB. Check out weekend plans on all network.


However, Airtel still have an unlimited plan for Night browsing but this plan seem to be too expensive for an ordinary man. Perhaps, if you can afford it, follow steps below…

airtel unlimited night plan

How to subscribe for Airtel Night Browsing (unlimited):

  • Recharge ₦1000 & dial *481# For Unlimited Data; to be used between the hours of 12am to 6am.


Normally, to check data balance on Airtel, what you need to dial is… *140#, however, when it comes to checking Airtel Night Plan data balance, you have to use this my top below to check your remaining data on Airtel Night Plans.

Here’s my tip for you, follow this simple step;

  1. Navigate to phone settings.
  2. Select data usage.
  3. Set your data usage date to start counting exactly from the day you subscribed to Airtel Night Browsing Plan.
  4. Continually follow up by checking your data consumption. (You may want to set a data usage limit, so as to get notified when you’ve reached or exceeded your limit)
  5. That’s it.

To sum it up:

Airtel Night Plans have been a helper to all those people who downloads heavily, update apps, stands and do more on their mobile device. However, you should bear in mind that you can anyone on the same SIM once daily and if need to resubscribe, you might need another Airtel SIM to do so.

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