About a month ago Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria, and had to meet with Nigerian developers and ntrepreneurs. On his visit that lasted a few days, there were quite a few things we learnt about this visit. In one of his speech, he made mention of an Express WiFi service aimed at empowering local entrepreneurs to deliver fast and affordable internet access using Wi-Fi connectivity within their locality. Contained in this article is a full price of Express WiFi Data plan in Nigeria.

Express WiFi Data Plans

I’ve compiled a list of the cost of Express WiFi Data plans in Nigeria.

Data Plan
Data Size
100MB Daily Plan
100MB 1 Days N40
300MB Data Plan
300MB 1 Days N110
750 MB Weekly Plan
750MB 7 Days N270
2GB Weekly Plan
2GB 7 Days N700
3GB Monthly Plan
3GB 30 Days N1000
5GB Monthly Plan
5GB 30 Days N1600


If you look at the table above, you’d realized the price of Express WiFi Data plans in Nigeria is very affordable, compared to certain network we already have here. Perhaps, this should pass a message across to our network providers that there is more work to be done in providing cheap internet plans.

Here are a 5 things you need to know about Express Wi-Fi

  1. Facebook is partnering with Coollink to deploy the affordable Wi-Fi service in Nigeria.
  2. About 16 Wi-Fi hotspots have been rolled out in Lagos, Nigeria.
  3. You will get a 14 day free trial on signup.
  4. Did you know Free Basic website are free, but to access the full internet.
  5. After 14 day trial period, you have to choose an affordable Express WiFi Data plan from the table above.

As a matter of truth, our network providers need to wake up, only Glo offers great Internet plans, follow by MTN. Others are highly expensive especially Etisalat. Glo offers 10GB for N2500, 6GB for N2000, 2GB for N1000 and more. Also, Airtel introduced 6GB for N1500 a couple of months back.

How do i purchase the Express WiFi?

Right now, there are no known spot, locations where you will purchase this device would be unveiled right on Naijaknowhow.com

Lets here you view, ideas and opinions on the price of Express WiFi in Nigeria, do you think it’s affordable enough to counter existing data plans in Nigeria?