September 2016 | Best Internet Data Plans On MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel & Ntel


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This is sure going to be an awesome month for Lagosians and Nigeria at large.. so many things had gone down in the space of 36hrs. Starting with the Mark Zuckerberg’s surprise visit to Nigeria, to the news of the imminent Express Wi-Fi launch that has been scheduled to launch later this week. Cool isn’t it? Back to the regularly business, 1st post of the month… Here’s a compilation of the best internet data plans for the month of September on all networks in Nigeria.

Before we proceed, it should come to your notice that MTN is experiencing a difficult period with its network signals, this was also confirmed by some of NKHites, although I believe certain regions are still experiencing stable connection. Glo on the other hand, is nothing to write home about, months before now, I wrote a post on the deteriorated condition of Glo internet network hoping for a quick improvement, Glo have yet to fix this issue, so be warned!

There we go, see a list of all possible plans that will be suitable for high-end Android devices, Apple iOS, PC, internet modems or MiFi, Windows phones, heavy downloaders, social media freaks, night browsing, weekend and other awoof data plans on Airtel, Etisalat, Glo, MTN and Ntel.

September 2016 | Best Internet Data Plans On MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel & Ntel

Airtel data plansAIRTEL

Airtel network is not slacking in providing cheap and amazing plans at reduced cost, it is working really hard to make sure everyone stays connected at all cost. Check out cool data tariffs on Airtel below…

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1. For MTK Android phones & Blackberry 10 Users

This plan is suitable for all phones running a Mediatek processor, this is because, it involves IMEI tweaking. You can get 3GB for N1000 on Airtel if you opt in for this plan. Click here for details.

Take Note; Blackberry 10 users does not need to change IMEI, All you need to do is..follow the link above, subscribe and start browsing.

2. Unlimited Hourly Night Plan (N1000 For 2 hours)

Airtel unlimited hourly plan is a time based plan that allows you to download unlimited data during the night. It goes for N1000 for 2hrs. If you have a very fast Airtel network in your locality, then give it a shot. it works perfect on all device (PC, Android, Blackberry, iOS and others)

This plan is simply wonderful and have been a great saviour, it has helped me download heavy files on my phones and PC, i can update my PC without fears of data exhaustion, also, i can conveniently update apps on my mobile device too .. have you been searching for a plan that allows you to download without limits, throttling and slow network? Then I’d recommend this plan, you need to try it out!

airtel unlimited night plan

  • To subscribe; Recharge N1000 & dial *481# For Unlimited Data; to be used between the hours of 12am to 6am.

3. SmartTRYBE Night Plan | 1.5GB for N50 & 500MB for N25

Sadly, no more Airtel unlimited hourly plan, yes NO MORE!!! Airtel had followed MTN’s paths in reducing its night plan to N25 & N50 respectively. No more 1hr for N100 and 2hrs for N200 that allows you to browse & download unlimitedly. These plans have been changed to 1.5GB for N50 & 500MB for N25 respectively. For more details click here.

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4. Airtel 2G (2GB for N200 & 6GB for N500)

Funny but real, this plan was one of the cheapest plans brought to the table in June 2016. It offers users great opportunity to stay connected at little cost. The downside about this plan is… it only works on 2G network, which implies that, you will have to switch your prefered network to 2G only or switch off 3G totally. Sounds awkward right?

While Android users keeps searching for how to make Airtel 2G plan faster, or make it work on 3G those using this plan on Blackberry have showered praises on this particular plan. The claimed its very fast, some went as far as comparing its speed to 3G. Click here for more details.

5. Airtel 6GB for N1500

Mouth drooling offer, isn’t it? In the race to tear down the price of data subscription in Nigeria, Airtel has a new plan that offers 6GB for N1500. Don’t bother asking, it works on all device and brand. Take note that this plan is susceptible to data zapping which I’ve explained here. To subscribe, click here.

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