See how to set 4G LTE as your preferred network; Post contains Android 4G LTE Settings, Blackberry 4G LTE Settings, iPhone 4G LTE Settings and Windows 4G LTE Settings.

It’s apparent that mobile technology has taken a new big shift in Nigeria, with all the networks embracing 4G LTE mobile broadband faster than 3G or H+. This is something I’m personally excited about, I can’t wait to feel the speed of downloading and streaming as I am an ardent football enthusiast.

We got 4G technology with almost all our major networks, and this post will show you how to set 4G LTE as your preferred network on Android, iPhone, windows and blackberry.

Before you proceed or start asking rhetoric questions, make sure you have..

How To Set 4G LTE As Your Preferred Network On Android, iPhone, Windows & Blackberry

1. Android 4G LTE Settings

Set 4G LTE as your preferred network on Android


  1. From the home screen, open apps, then select settings.
  2. From Wireless & Network category, navigate and click More.
  3. Choose Mobile Networks.
  4. Under Mobile Network Settings, choose the Preferred Network Type, then select 4G/3G/2G(auto) or 4G only if available. In some phones, select LTE/WCDMA or 4G LTE only.
  5. Click OK to save and apply new settings.

2. iPhone 4G LTE Settings

If you’re using an iPhone. Follow the steps below.


  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Choose General
  3. Scroll and choose cellular
  4. Select and enable 4G LTE.

3. Windows 4G LTE Settings

On a Windows device,


  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Celluar + Sim
  3. Select the highest connection speed, also check to know if LTE is in the options.

4. Blackberry 4G LTE Settings

Though extinct, we still have to share, Blackberry users can always…


  1. Select settings
  2. Go to Network and Connection
  3. Select Mobile Network
  4. Open Network mode and you’ll see 4G/3G/2G, then choose preferred.

How do you know when you’re connected to a 4G network?

You will get signs like LTE or 4G on your network bar code to your battery meter. This means you’re connected to a 4G LTE network.

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Now that you now enjoy 4G network, tell us your experience and ratings in 1 to 10, and if you’ve tried any of Etisalat, Glo, MTN and NTel 4G LTE service, share your current 4G LTE download and upload speed using the comment box below?