The Tech Tutor category shall be seeing a new sub category called ‘Solution Time’ on NKH. This is the first of its kind @ Naijaknowhow blog, and it’s out to help solve simple tech problems for newbies, in fact, i think it’s for everyone because no one is an island of knowledge.

Solutions here are derived from different sources.. solutions from all Admins of NKH, members of NKH Facebook page, NKH WhatsApp groups, NKH BBM Channel and other small forums associated with Naijaknowhow.

What do we hope to cover via Solution Time?

  1. To share verified working solutions to simple tech problems?
  2. To enlighten the newbies on the best and most preferred decision to make when fixing, solving, or preventing problems associated with the technosphere.
  3. A category dedicated to share solutions proffered by NKH readers.
  4. It’s going to be a hub of finding solutions to cases associated with technological products.
  5. Expect to see tech advice and recommendations.