Earphone is one accessory we cannot just do without. Earphone is widely used by a lot of people today, some use it strictly in their home, schools, workplace and other places where they serve different unique purposes. You’d find it on 6 out of 10 young adult.

Anyway, am not here to share to pros and cons of using earphone but to share a headphone related problem and the solution proffered.

This is the first simple tech problem in this category, and was brought to my table. However, It got a perfect answer that was confirmed working by the asker!


Ossai Precious asked; Guys please is there a way I can solve this problem: Sounds play through phone speaker even if I plug headphone. It plays through the headset and also through the speaker. Please how do I make it play with headphones alone?


Viklin said; It appears your earphone jack isn’t compatible with the ear port. Try another earphone or buy the follow come earphone. Another is, the earphone am currently using does almost the same thing and here is what I usually do…I slowly slide the earphone jack(plug) into the port until I see the earphone logo displayed. Try that first, If e no work…Buy compatible earphone and not N200 fake ones.

Preventive Measure & Prof Tips:

First thing to take note of when purchasing a new earphone is its compatibility, 3.5mm earphone jacks differs, some earphones won’t work because your phone’s earphone ports is designed differently.

Earphone jack types & differences
TRS audio plugs are found on the standard stereo headphones that don’t have a microphone while the TRRS audio plug is found on headphones for the iPhone and other headphones that have a microphone. | Image Credits: CircuitBasics.com

if you noticed …some are designed with 2 strips while others 3, The two most common varieties are called TRS and TRRS. The T stands for “tip”; the R stands for “ring” and the S stands for “sleeve” (See image). So always test before walking out of the store to be on a safe side.