I was going through my WordPress app yesterday when I something that left me marvelled, shocked and chuckled. Two young men made me had those emotions all together, I couldn’t help but share a good laugh with a friend. These Strange search keywords landed those young men on NKH, does it mean we’re also strange? ‘LOL’.

In 2016, and some people still search things as if Google is human, I won’t be surprised when people start asking Google more weird questions… These are just some keywords people typed on Google and expect tangible results. Did I just say keyword, the second one isn’t a keyword, *that one na keySentence, habar!!

Strange search keywords

Search Keywords 1

# “MTN Pulse night plan is too slow”

Wait, is this a question or a statement??? I wonder how you expect Google to answer that?

Honestly, I was so weak seeing the first, on settings eyes on the second, I almost fainted!!! Can you imagine what this person typed?

Search Keywords 2

# “I’m just so upset with whatsapp it’s not yet December 31st 2016 and I can’t download whatsapp on my blackberry please I need answers”

Seriously? This man was so upset, he had no one to share his problems with other than Google. Some people will not kill me, ‘LMAO’.

How to search for things using the right search keywords

There is no point if I’m making fun of these search queries without proffering solutions, this is the more reasons I’ve written an article on how to properly search for things online on Google.com, Yahoo.com and other related search engines.

Before you proceed, take note of these things…

If you’re seeking for a tangible answer to problem(s) or searching for a solution to a particular problem… Remember to always use the questions words in English, they include…WHICH, WHY, WHO, WHERE, WHAT, WHOM, WHOSE, HOW, WHEN. These interrogatives will help search engine bots understand you better.

Now, click on this link to know how to properly and effectively search for things online.

Now that you’ve seen how to search for things online, go ahead and make it worth while. It should go a long way in helping you. Proper searching should improve your researching attributes. If you have a problem with searching which I believe you shouldn’t, kindly share via comment box!