Since the $19 billion acquisition of Whatsapp in 2014, all I’ve seen is a platform undergoing rapid improvements everyday, with the aim of making WhatsApp a force to reckon with among messaging app, Whatsapp developers keep working to make sure there’s always fun in using the app. A new update was made available as they secretly announced it on their blog, an update that allows you to tag Whatsapp group chat members.

Knowing that Whatsapp has been regularly updated, and a lot of new features included; features like, message encryption, making whatsapp free for all, ability to reply or quote chat messages, two finger zoom while recording a video using the app and much more. Mentioning members on a particular group on WhatsApp is possible and here is everything you need to know on how to tag someone on any group chat on WhatsApp.

How to tag a Whatsapp group chat member

Here is how you can tag or mention someone on whatsapp.

Step 1.

First, make sure you have downloaded or updated the latest Whatsapp.

Step 2

Launch and navigate to your favourite Whatsapp group.

Step 3

Open and tap to type a message, then type @, this will spring up a list of members on the group. Search and select the name you want to tag/mention. (See pictures below)

Type @, a list will pop up..
Complete your message and send.

I’ve been thinking, is this feature really of importance? I can mention people’s name but the question is, does it have any effect on the part of the person mentioned? What am trying to say is, will one get notified after been mentioned? After trying out this feature, i realized I want getting notified after being mentioned, which makes it less beneficial.

Finally, Mr. Zuckerberg should remember that we are still waiting for Whatsapp to include a Video Calling feature. 

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