This post contains a roundup of top 12 smartphones features you should look out for in 2017 | New Android, iPhone & Windows features to anticipate in 2017.

The year 2016 was a special year for most phones manufacturers as there were new amazing features that was embedded in smartphones. We saw features like flash charge that allows one to charge device extremely fast. On the other hand, Samsung experienced big failure as many of her devices exploded due to overheating and battery issues.

I’m already looking forward to the year ahead and my head clouded with questions like, “what sort of feature are we to expect in 2017 smartphones?“.

I foresee a new year with gorgeous smartphones, elegant bodies, increased batteries, dual cameras, better RAM & ROM, expansion of Android Pay to other countries, jackless devices, USB Type-C, and the scarce android 7.0 Nougat.

This post contains a roundup of top 12 smartphones features you should look out for in 2017;

Top 12 Smartphones Features You Should Look Out For In 2017

1. New designs

Leaks keep coming up everyday on different websites with new smartphone designs. There’s a rumor that Apple will be giving a facelift to its 10 year old iPhone design and Samsung will be unveiling a foldable smartphone. I’m not certain these will happen, but like every year, expect something new.

This year, two of the hottest trending smartphones like the Moto Z and LG G5, were partly inspired by Google’s now defunct modular project (Project Ara) . Some innovations were also unveiled this year. This includes Lenovo’s Cplus a foldable prototype smartphone that can also be worn like a watch. LG and Samsung also talked about smartphones with folding displays.

iPhone 7 Dual Camera
iPhone 7 Dual Camera

2. Dual Camera

It wouldn’t be fair to say that we are still waiting for this. Quite a few manufacturers, including Asus, XOLO, LG,ZTE make dual camera smartphones. But by next year, you’d be seeing them a lot more and almost on phones of all shapes and sizes. And why shouldn’t you? Dual cameras are taking photography to new levels. For example, the dual camera in iPhone 7 features a wide angle lens along with a telephoto lens. What this offers is a new depth of field mode, 2X optical zoom, and even a quite well done Bokeh effect.