Many of our followers have bombarded me with a lot of questions on how to download torrents directly on their Android device without having to go through the stress of copying and pasting torrent links.
In the advent of smart devices, a lot of us spend lesser time on PC and want to do virtually everything directly from the tip of our fingers. This isn’t an exception because torrent downloading on Android is much more easier and faster depending on the storage capacity to contain more and more Torrents files on your phone.

Before I proceed let’s quickly look at some terminologies in the world of Torrents’, what does torrent & co mean and why are they so heavy?

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Torrent File

According to my dictionary; Torrent  are ‘large amount or stream of something. Therefore I’d say, torrent files are usually very large files that are shared using a peer to peer network. These files could span largely from Music, Music albums, Movie Series, Games, Softwares and much more.


A user’s share ratio for any individual torrent is a number determined by dividing the amount of data that user has uploaded by the amount of data they have downloaded.


In torrent, a tracker is a server that keeps track of which seeds and peers are in the swarm.


A Seeder or Seed is a is a peer that has an entire copy of the torrent and offers it for upload. The more seeders there are, the better the chances of getting a higher download speed.


A peer is a BitTorrent client running on a computer on the Internet to which other clients connect and transfer data.


A leech is a client who is downloading the file from the network i.e. the ones who download the files but avoid having them as a seed ,thus affecting the over all share-ratio.

Before downloading a Torrent video read this;

These are the various video qualities you should consider before you go ahead to select a Video Torrent to download.


A CAM is actually a theater rip usually done with a digital video camera. These are usually of worst quality and first to be released by pirates as soon as the movie is released in theaters. Sound quality are usually very poor because they are taken from the on board microphone of the camera. In these kind of video format, the distortion in sound and picture quality can be very conspicuous.


A pre-release VHS tape, these are VHS that’s are sent to rental stores, and various other places for strictly promotional use. A screener is supplied on a VHS tape, and is usually in a 4:3 (full screen) , although letter boxed screeners are sometimes found. Some of these kind of videos are quite big and depending on the equipment used, screener quality can range from excellent if done from a master copy, to very poor if done on an old VHS recorder through poor capture equipment on a copied tape.


These usually contain no special feature. R5 relates to a Region 5 DVD format created by the movie industry to help combat pirates, as well as tags used by movie pirates for distribution on the Internet. The movie industry created this format in efforts to help prevent piracy by producing higher quality Telecine transferred movies than pirates can offer on the Internet. This higher quality is achieved by the use of professional grade film transfer devices as opposed to lesser quality equipment obtainable by movie pirates.


A telesync video quality is quite the same as a CAM, the only difference being that its recorded using an external audio device usually an audio jack.


A copy of the final released DVD, apparently they are one of the best because they are usually of good picture and sound quality.


This term is used to describe something that has been recorded from a subscription channel or from PRE-AIR Satellite feeds.


A BDRip/BRRip is a  file that contains content that was sourced from a Blu-ray Disc product. These are usually encoded, with very good sound and excellent picture quality.

Credits to The Dailygeek for some of the Torrent terminologies listed above. However, these terminologies aren’t too useful if you are the leech, you just dash straight to downloading and leave the video uploading to those that care much more for you the leech. Check out how to download torrent on Android…

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After much said I know you must have been conversant with some of the Torrent terminologies and the simple guide on how to start downloading torrents is right below..

Step 1

Download Torrents On Android
Download Download Manager

Download and install the Torrent Download Manager via link below.

DOWNLOAD: Torrent Download Manager.apk

Step 2

Download and install Torrent Search (Credits to transdroid for this app)

DOWNLOAD: Torrent Search.apk

NB: This enables you to be able to embed different premium/private and free/open to all Torrent sites on your already installed Torrent Download Manager.

Step 3

Download Torrents On Android

After installing both apps, Open your Torrent Download Manager to begin process, before you begin…

Download Torrents On AndroidDownload Torrents On Android

  • Click on the drop down menu on the top left corner.
  • Navigate to settings
  • Select network interface.
  • Choose any interface.

NB: Choosing this will enable you to perform downloading using any network interface be it Wi-Fi or Mobile network.

Step 4

After you’ve done step 3, go back and click on the drop down menu on the top left corner, then select Torrent Search. (Before this, make sure you’ve gotten the correct name of file to be Downloaded for easy search)

Step 5

Type title of file in search panel and click on the 3-dots on the top right corner to choose a Torrent site to search your file.

NB: If file didn’t show or no result found then switch the Torrent Search site from the 3-dots.

Step 6

This is where is comes easy, after you must have gotten results from your search from step 4, navigate and choose the best Torrent for your file depending on the quality and size. You will see a lot of options.

Simply tap on the file and it automatically adds to your Download list.

NB: Make sure the storage capacity on your device is large enough to contain the file.

Step 7

Navigate to Download Manager via drop down menu on the top left corner to see file in download list.

NB: Patiently wait for your file to download, the wait can be long or short depending on the speed of your internet service provider.

Step 8

Download Torrents On AndroidWhen the download completes, clean up Download list by clicking the “X” on the file. A pop up will appear, click on Delete Torrent only!

NB: Do not click on ‘Torrent + File’ unless you’ve watched or transfered the file to another storage, doing this will permanently remove the Torrent and already Downloaded file from the Torrent download list.

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Processing, Coming Soon!!!

I believe with the simple stepped guide above, downloading files on torrents downloader directly from your smart phone should be very easy! Simply drop your questions via comment box, we will gladly help! Thanks for reading.