This is a DIY video tutorial on how to setup Airtel BlackBerry 3GB for N1000 on MTK Android device, a very simple tutorial video that doesn’t require so much complicated settings.

Initially, I’ve discussed how you can change Android IMEI to BB 10 IMEI so that you can use this plan, go ahead and read article. Although, this 8 minutes video was created for further understanding on how to go about configuring your Airtel BlackBerry Plan on Mediatek enabled Android phones. It is very simple to the core, just follow every steps as explained.

In this video contains how to change an Android IMEI using MTK Engineering Mode, how to subscribe to Airtel BlackBerry plan on Android and how to setup APN to use Airtel BB plan On Android.

Watch Video

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If you’ve successfully carried out everything required to browse to Airtel BlackBerry plan on your phone, then take a minute to drop a positive comment via the comment box. Don’t just leave without acknowledgment!!!