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Naijaknowhow.com is giving you an opportunity to write for us, see your post displayed on our blog. We accept originally written guest posts on Know-how “How-To” tips on how to do practically everything. Your guest post can cover any know-how aspect of technology ranging from android tips, blogging tips, PC tutorials, video tutorials, tech gist, cheats & hacks and so on.

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1. We require you to be original with your content, no plagiarism of any form! We are strictly screening copied post with the intent to have our blog free from plagiarism!

2. Post must contain a minimum of 300 words, anything less won’t be accepted.

3. Simple and unambiguous grammar should be used to aid easy reading.

4. Simplified stepped guide to help users understand your “know-how” tips.

5. If you intend to use a desired featured image for post, then upload photo to post for proper redesigning.

Recommended Image size: 1078×516 px (width x height) or 702×336 px (width x height).

6. Make sure the post have not previously appeared online in any blog, website or forum before.

7. Share a little biographical information about yourself directly under post. This may be shown publicly. (Not more than 100 characters.)

8. You are only allowed not more than 1 back link to you blog, website or social media page, anything more won’t be accepted.

9. Above all, make sure the content of the post is relevant and valuable to our readers.

If you have what it takes to fulfill the above conditions, then congrats you’re on the verge of seeing your post appear on our blog. Send post to 9jaknowhow @ gmail.com

…If you have queries relating to guest posting, contact us via email at 9jaknowhow @ gmail.com