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Did you know you can browse during the midnight with Night Data Plans on Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN?

I’ve set my mind back to the days when we spent an entire night at the cyber café after paying for all night browsing, gone are those days anyway.

Today, it’s different in a near similar situation, we do it at the comfort of our rooms, given that MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat has provided many Night data plans to help us manage data exhaustion on our regular data plans.

This post is a compilation of Night Data Plans on all network, and will likely see regularly updates when there is an update on the plan.

Most of these plans are perfect for downloads, heavy browsing, file sharing and uploads, streaming live events like football, reality shows and of course normal browsing.

I will just be sharing various USSD codes for night data plans, such as;

  1. MTN Night Plan activation code
  2. Glo Night Plan activation code
  3. Airtel Night Plan activation code
  4. Etisalat Night Plan activation code and…
  5. How to check Night data plans balance on all network.

There are no exceptions on the phones and device that can subscribe to this plan, it works perfect on apple iOS device, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows device, PC dongles (Modems and MiFi), Symbian & Java phones (if you still own it) etc.



Airtel Night Plan

This is definitely the best among all, their night plan which was modified from being unlimited & hourly to limited & untimely (now works between specified time). Airtel Night Plans, are of two types though…

1. Airtel Unlimited Hourly Night Plan

This uncommon Airtel Night plan offers unlimited data for 2hrs, and costs ₦1000. Perfect for unlimited downloading, torrenting and other heavy internet activities.

How To subscribe for Airtel Unlimited night browsing plan

  • Recharge ₦1000 & dial *481# For Unlimited Data; to be used between the hours of 12am to 6am.
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2. Airtel SmartTRYBE Night Plan

On the other hand, this one is specifically for smartTRYBE customers alone. If you’re on the TRYBE prepaid plan, then this is perfect!

It gives you 1.5GB for ₦200 and 500MB for ₦25 (between 12am – 5am), but you must be on the SmartTRYBE prepaid package to use this plan.

How to subscribe for Airtel 1.5GB Night Data Plan

  • Recharge ₦200 » Dial *312# » type and send 3 (Airtel Night Plans) » choose 1.5GB plan by typing 2 (Validity: 1 Night between 12am – 5am)

How to subscribe for Airtel 500MB Night Data Plan

  • Recharge ₦25 » Dial *312# » type and send 3 (Airtel Night Plans) » choose 500MB plan by typing 1 (Validity: 1 Night between 12am – 5am)

Click here for full Airtel Night Plan subscription details.


Etisalat Night Plan

The newest among the other night data plans, the problem with this one is, Etisalat is too stubborn to know that their Night plan is nothing compared to Airtel and MTN’s.

1. Etisalat Night Plan (Normal)

The price is, will I say STUPID! Anyway, this plan gives 1GB for ₦200 (12am – 5am), the speed of their plan is undeniably fast, although I will only opt in for this if MTN and Airtel stopped theirs.

How to subscribe to Etisalat Night Browsing plan

  • Recharge ₦200 on your Etisalat line » Dial *229*3*11# (You get 1GB data valid through the Night between 12AM – 5AM)

2. Etisalat Night Plan On Easycliq – Updated

This one is just the most recent update on Etisalat night browsing bundle in Nigeria. This plan offers you 250MB worth of data for ₦50 only.

To get started with Etisalat Night Plan on EasyCliq, you have to be registered on the Easycliq prepaid tariff network.

How to subscribe to Etisalat Night Plan on EasyCliq

To subscribe,

  • Migrate to Easycliq: dial *244*1# to switch to Cliq
  • Amount: Recharge ₦50 on your registered Etisalat SIM.
  • Subscription code: Dial *229*10*10# to activate night plan.
  • Validity: 1 night (12 am – 5 am)
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Click here for full Etisalat Night Plan subscription details.


Glo Night Plan

Glo night plan has 3GB for ₦500 (weekend + 7 night) & 1GB for ₦200 (night plan), the 3GB plan is a weekend plan that has a flexible usage validity unlike the others, infact this one can be used more than one (1) day including 7 nights unlike the normal Glo Night plan on 1GB for ₦200.

How to subscribe to Glo Night Browsing Plan

  • Recharge ₦200, then dial *127*60# or Text 60 to 127 through SMS to activate the new Glo Night Plan.


  • Recharge ₦200 on your phone, » Dial *777# then follow the prompt (Data Services » Buy Data » Night and Weekend plans » then select 1 for Night plan).

The 3GB weekend plan works on all device and its validity is 2(Sat&Sun) + 5 Nights(Mon-Fri) = 7 Days.

Also, during weekends; you can use it between 12:00am on Saturday to 11:59 pm on Sunday (It can be used at night during the week between 12.00am to 5.00am).

On the other hand, the basic Night Plan of 1GB can only last 1 day(midnight) between 12 AM to 5AM.


MTN Night Plans

On my night plans ranking list, MTN is second to Glo. Fast and ever reliable MTN network is dishing out 500MB for ₦25 and can be used through between 12am – 4:00am.

How to subscribe to MTN Night Browsing Plan

  1. Recharge ₦25 on your MTN line (not possible, so load ₦100 recharge card or see how to load as low as ₦50 via your bank)
  2. Navigate to SMS » type and send NIGHT to 131 » When you get activation successful » Open your browser and start surfing the internet.

Click here for MTN Night Plan subscription details.

MTN Night Plan II

Don’t be surprised MTN has another night plan, this one. Is for the bug guns. It offers 1GB for ₦200, 2.5GB for ₦500 and 5GB for ₦1000. Bear in mind that this one can be used between 9pm – 6am.

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This is perfect for those that values their midnight so much. Click here for subscription details.


Basically, you can check all network’s data balances by using the following shortcode below.

  • Airtel: Dial *140# to check Airtel data balance
  • Etisalat: Dial *228# to check Etisalat data balance
  • Glo: Dial *127*0# to check Glo data balance
  • MTN: Dial *559*4# to check MTN data balance

Perhaps, when it comes to checking night data balance on all network, the various codes above might not apply.

Here’s what I normally do to keep track of my data bundle balance on any midnight browsing plan in Nigeria;

Follow this steps:

  1. Navigate to your phone settings (android device)
  2. Select “Data Usage” option.
  3. Set your data usage date to start counting from the day you subscribed. (This only shows data usage statistics starting from the selected period)
  4. Continually keep track of your data consumption. If need be, set the data usage limit bar and make sure you select a data size below the night plan bundle you subscribed for. (E.g, if you subscribed for MTN 500MB, set your limit bar to 400MB to get notified when you’ve consumed 400MB data)

In conclusion:

Now that you know each and ever night data plans on all network and my tip on how to check night browsing plan data balance, it’s now left for you to choose rightly depending on these things… Pocket, Validity, Network strength in your area, data size, speed, and your ability to stay awake at night.

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